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Transport for London

For about 18 months from late 2012 to mid 2014 I worked on site at Transport for London (TfL), building their new responsive website. Everyone who lives in London has a relationship with TfL - they run the tube and the buses that we use to get around the city. This project was special for me for several reasons. Firstly it was the first major responsive website I'd worked on. Secondly, it's not often that you get to work on a project that you feel so personally invested in. I used the TfL website a lot to find out how to get where I needed to go and plan around disruptions. Thirdly, TfL are a government organisation, which means that accessibility was key for the website.

The results

The results of all of our hard work are one of the best looking governmental websites out there, and one of the first responsive transport sites.

The Transport for London home page

The Transport for London home page as it looked across devices

The Transport for London status update page

The Transport for London journey planner page as it looked across devices