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Swiss Re

Swiss Re are one of the largest reinsurers in the world, but at the time that they came to Foolproof they were behind a lot of their competitors in the digital space. We were brought in to work as part of a large multi-national team to help deliver reusable components that could form the basis of future digital experiences across their business units. I was in charge of dividing designs up into components and building the presentation side of them, then handing them over to developers in Zurich who were turning them into Angular 2(+) components.

We were working primarily with the Corporate Solutions department to produce a customer portal for them. This project was the closest I've worked to pure Agile. Despite having teams in the UK, Switzerland, India and the USA we managed to get together over Skype for all of the meetings we needed in our weekly sprints.

The tech

  • Assemble (static site generator) to present the patterns in a library and form the basis for documentation of when you should use this pattern and how to use it
  • Handlebars for component markup
  • Gulp
  • SCSS
  • Some exposure to Angular 2(+)

The results

The end product looks really clean and the client was really happy with it. Here are some screenshots of the work:

Swiss Re pages on mobile

Swiss Re Dashboard page

Swiss Re Program page

Swiss Re Claim page