I'm Adrian Osmond,
a front-end developer.

About Me

The thing I like most about front-end development is collaborating with other great people to make the product you're working on the best thing that it can be. I love being challenged by great design. Being presented with a problem I don't know how to solve, breaking it down into solvable parts and piecing them together is one of the most satisfying parts of the job.

When building for the web there are several things that I care about quite strongly. Performance matters to me a lot - I've had too many bad experiences trying to get things done over a poor mobile connection to be able to ignore it. For similar reasons responsive design is important to me - if you tell me your users won't want to use this piece of functionality on mobile, there's a 99.9% chance you're wrong.

I believe progressive enhancement is a good practice because it means that you get the features that make the web great for free. It also means that you've got a better chance of delivering an experience when a user's network drops and it helps with performance. It also helps with accessibility, which is important to me.

Finally I don't think we should let these things get in the way of learning new things. The web is moving fast and it's important to me to keep improving and developing new skills. It's great that so many people are building so much cool stuff and releasing it for all of us to use. We should enjoy learning and experimenting with as much of it as we want, but not forget the other principles when we're shipping code professionally.

Outside of work I'm a keen runner, hiker and photographer - give me a mountain, my camera and a my running or hiking shoes and I'll be very happy. I've also recently started experimented with home brewing, which is like a chemistry lesson where you get beer at the end - what's not to love?!

My Work

Here are some of the clients I've had the privilege of working with. If you'd like more details you can check out my CV or get in touch

  • Shell logoShell
  • Swiss Re logoSwiss Re
  • Elanco logoElanco
  • Suzuki logoSuzuki
  • Allianz logoAllianz
  • TSB logoTSB
  • Lilly logoLilly
  • Transport for London logoTransport for London

Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out to me if you have something to say or you think we should work together. If you do want to get in touch, here are a few ways you can reach me:

Me in Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand