It's not you jQuery, it's me

I've decided to try breaking up with jQuery for a little while - these are my reasons why.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've come to a shocking conclusion. I think I'm going to break up with jQuery. Maybe break up is too strong a phrase. I'm going to try a separation though. It feels a little harsh since she was so supportive through the hard times. She never complained about where I took her - even the really terrible places.

The trouble is that I feel like I've outgrown her. If I'm honest she's also looking a little heavier than she used to too. I'm sure I'll still see her in my professional life from time to time. But personally it feels like I won't grow until I let her go. I know I'll miss how succinct she is and how she says it like it is - usually exactly the way I would say it myself.

Who knows - maybe we'll get back together. After all, I hear she's got some weight loss surgery scheduled.